Facility Rules

• No alcoholic beverages.
• No parking along street.
• No Gas Cans, Pets, or Coolers in building.
• All riders under 18 must have a Minor Consent Form and Membership Form signed by Parents/Legal Guardian on file to ride/race.
• Idle Speed between parking lot and building. No Pit Riding Allowed.
• No trick riding, riding out of control, or aggressive riding on the track.
• Flaggers provided for races only. Ride at your own risk. Meadowview Regional Hospital is located only 7 miles east of us right on AA Hwy. Call 911 or 606-564-9411 for ambulance dispatch.
• All spectators must stay out of race area (execpt Mini parents during their race - use caution).
• All riders must wear protective gear, including but not limited to helmet, eye protection, and boots. All other gear is highly recommended.
• No refund for racing after first practice begins.

Race/Practice Rules

• All quads must have a working tether switch.
• Un-sportsman-like conduct may result in disqualification and/or ejection.
• If not jumping a jump, rider must stay to the right of the track and hold their line. Faster traffic may pass on the left and hold their line.
• No short cutting of the track or leaving the track to advance a position. If you are caught cutting the track, you will be docked at least one position depending on length cut and positions gained by cutting.
• Always go the right direction on the track. Ride in control and within your ability. Riders/Parents are responsible for choosing appropriate sized machine.
• Race results must be disputed within 30 minutes of being posted. Decision of race referee is final.
• Yellow flag – Caution, No jumping and No passing between yellow flag and downed rider. You will be docked a position if caught by a track official.
• Red flag – Race stopped, idle speed and exit track
• White flag – last lap of race
• Checkered flag – Race finished, exit track (for those of you who don’t know!)

Rules for Classes

• All “D” beginner classes: Not allowed to jump triples. Beginners should not have finished in the top 3 overall in a Series or won any 4 individual races in a prior series.  ie: If you finish in the top 3 overall of a "D" class you must move up to "C" the following year.
***We reserve the right to move you up to the appropriate class if need be.  If you are moved up a class, 75% of your points will transfer to the higher class.
•  Pro class riders receive 100% payout and will vote on how many positions with approximately 50% going to 1st place. Must complete half the laps of both motos to receive payout.  No refunds after Practice has started.
• 150cc 4-strk bikes can run in any of the 85cc classes or age appropriate classes. 125 2-strk can run in 250cc 4-strk classes and 250cc 2-strk can run in either 250cc 4-strk or 450cc 4-strk classes and age appropriate classes.
• 50cc JR 4-6 - no 12" wheel bikes allowed. 50cc Beginner - no oil injected bikes allowed.
• Quad Super Mini - Any motor/frame combination up to 105cc 2-stroke or 150cc 4-stroke. Stock 90s are allowed

Rules for Winter Series Awards & Grand Prizes

• In each class, the top ten get series trophies or plaques, plus tons of other prizes like chain lube, goggles, t-shirts, hats, tie-downs, etc. The overall winner of each class will receive a personalized sweatshirt or jacket. The Grand Prizes: for examle; pit bike, grill, tires, EZ-Up, bike stands, exhaust systems, and other large prizes are a drawing. Everyone who qualifies with the minimum number of races and finishes in the top 10 of their class gets 1 chance; if you make every race you get a bonus chance. Bikes & ATVs must race 12 out of 16 races to be eligible for series Banquet.
• RIDER must be present at the banquet to win grand prizes. Family members can pick up your trophy/plaque and  class prizes,
• If you pay an entry fee but get a DNF or a DNS, you get 0 points but it does count as one of your minimum number of races.
* To get a DNF (Did Not Finish), you must sign up to race and start the race. If you complete at least 1 lap of 1 moto, you will receive a position, if not you get a DNF.  If you sign up to race but break down in practice or for any other reason don't show up for your moto, you will get a DNS (Did Not Start).  You may sign up prior to a race that you cannot attend and take a DNS a maximum of 2 individual races for each class. The best 12 races count for your overall finish, if you make all 16 races, you get a 5 point bonus on your total points and the extra chance at the grand prizes. In the case of a tie, whoever finished better in the final race of the seaon wins. 


• All riders, spectators, track crew, vendors, team members and anyone else agree to these rules when entering the property and agree to sign the liability waiver upon entering the property.
• Admission is charged during races and other events. Everyone entering the property is required to stop at the admission booth first to pay admission, sign the liability waiver, and obtain a wristband. Anyone not adhering to this   rule will be subject to loss of points/prizes and/or trespassing charges.
• Eye protection and hearing protection is recommended for everyone.
• We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or broken personal items or property.
• Motocross can be dangerous. There is no insurance provided for riders, pit crew, track crew, vendors, or spectators. You must provide your own personal insurance. We are not responsible for property damage, injury, or death.

Thank you!